“Keep It Chic… but above all, Be Yourself!”

My motto… cliche as some might say is what I try to live by everyday. Sure, it is easier said than done. But I believe if you can accept yourself and be happy the rest will fall into place.

I struggled to find something I was truly passionate about during my teens and I felt lost with what my purpose was in life (I know this is deep). I would write my thoughts down every time I found myself struggling to be happy with who I was… when a lightbulb idea turned into me writing a ‘bio’ about myself on this very blog (who would have thought).

I now found something I truly enjoy doing and although I may not know where this will take me, I finally feel as though I am doing something I am passionate about.

So if you are interested in some lighthearted laughs, some deep and meaningful chats and a little bit of fashion, beauty and travel, why don’t you have a little scroll and hopefully find something worth noting for your own personal journey.

by her x

Tyanna De Assis